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Configuring an Existing Django Project on Pycharm

I´m starting to use Django with Pycharm IDE and have succesfully configured my first project.

However, I tried to add a new existing project to Pycharm and when trying to change the Run Configuration to use the of my secondProject(GuatepediaLocal), I don´t get an option to select it on the dropdown menu. When I try to run the project, it keeps running the PollSite runserver and not GuatepediaLocal´s runserver

Can anyone help me to solve this issue and configure an already existing Django Project on pycharm?

enter image description here

Answer Source

After some research I found that on the settings window of Pycharm I must add Django support to my project

enter image description here

That enabled the project on the dropdown menu. After that, I just added on the enviroment variables the correct path to my project´s

enter image description here

Hope this helps someone someday :)

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