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git add all except ignoring files in .gitignore file

I am adding source control to a project that had none. The problem is that there are a lot of files to initially add to git with a .gitignore file, but I can't figure out how to add all files without including the files matching something in the .gitignore file.

git add *

The above command will not add any files because it detects files which are ignored by the .gitignore.

git add -f *

The above command will add all files including the files I wish to ignore.

So, how do I add all files while still adhering to the .gitignore file?

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I think you mean git add . which will add all of the files to the repo that AREN'T specified in the .gitignore - you can see these changes by typing git status

The . in bash usually means this directory and all other directories recursively, so if you do this from the bottom level of your repo, you should add all of the files.

My usual git flow is to create the .gitignore file and add the project files to the repo. I'll test the .gitignore file by typing git status after importing the files - if I see the files that I've added (for example only .php or .html, NOT .mp3 or .mov), then you can git add . to add all, and git commit -m "initial commit" to commit them and you should be set.

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