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AngularJS Question

clean build byproduct files to store a backup

After running 'ionic build android' I usually keep a copy of the whole project directoy on Dropbox by previously compressing it. Nevertheless, as the project evolves it gets bigger and bigger, reaching now 100 MB. As I am out for vacation and running on a 4G network, I prefer to save my GBs... Is there a command to clean all these byproduct files I don't need?.

Thanks in advance

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You should use git to save and version your files.

It's a basic practise in programming and with it you can say which files/folders to ignore.

To answer to your question :

The files that you need to remove are the binaries (the files that are generated) and dependencies. You can retrieve them by lauching another build. This are the following folders :


Don't forget to do an ionic state save before removing the plugins. After you will need to do ionic state restore to restore yours platforms/plugins.

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