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Javascript Question

Splitting numbers and letters in string which contains both

I am trying to split following (or similar) string "08-27-2015 07:25:00AM".
Currently I use

var parts = date.split(/[^0-9a-zA-Z]+/g);

Which results in

["02", "27", "2012", "03", "25", "00AM"]

The problem is with the
part. I want it to be separated too. So the perfect result would be:

["02", "27", "2012", "03", "25", "00", "AM"]

Answer Source

If you're looking for sequences of letters or numbers, but not a sequence both mixed, you can do this...

"08-27-2015 07:25:00AM".match(/[a-zA-Z]+|[0-9]+/g)

resulting in...

["08", "27", "2015", "07", "25", "00", "AM"]

On either side of the |, we have a sequence of one or more letters and a sequence of one or more numbers. So when it comes across a letter, it will gather all contiguous letters until it reaches a non-letter, at which point it gathers all contiguous numbers, and so on.

Any other character simply doesn't match so it doesn't become part of the result.

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