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How to get cv::calcOpticalFlowSF to work?

I am useing the 2.4.4 version of OpenCV. - i know its a beta
but there is an example about

the method in the example folder called:
. But when i copy this demo and use it with my input images, it starts processing and after some seconds it came back a crash report.
The documentation about the method is a little bit strange, saying the output files are a x- and yflow instead of the
cv::Mat& flow
which the method actually wants.
Any ideas how to fix the problem to get the function working?

Answer Source

Try this simple demo that worked for me, then modify for your needs (display help from here):

Mat frame1 = imread("/home/radford/Desktop/1.png");
Mat frame2 = imread("/home/radford/Desktop/2.png");

Mat flow;

calcOpticalFlowSF(frame1, frame2, flow, 3, 2, 4);

Mat xy[2];
split(flow, xy);

//calculate angle and magnitude
Mat magnitude, angle;
cartToPolar(xy[0], xy[1], magnitude, angle, true);

//translate magnitude to range [0;1]
double mag_max;
minMaxLoc(magnitude, 0, &mag_max);
magnitude.convertTo(magnitude, -1, 1.0/mag_max);

//build hsv image
Mat _hsv[3], hsv;
_hsv[0] = angle;
_hsv[1] = Mat::ones(angle.size(), CV_32F);
_hsv[2] = magnitude;
merge(_hsv, 3, hsv);

//convert to BGR and show
Mat bgr;//CV_32FC3 matrix
cvtColor(hsv, bgr, COLOR_HSV2BGR);
imshow("flow", bgr);
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