Masoud Masoud - 1 year ago 84
ASP.NET (C#) Question

Upload files and save in folder or save in database as binary

Sorry if my question is basic or repeated question. I would like to know after uploading file (pdf,word,..) which condition is better
And when use each of these conditions

1- saving file in the folder and getting the file name for saving in the database

2- saving file in database as binary

Answer Source

If files are 'cold data' (not frequently used by system/users) I will recommend saving them as binary zipped files in folder/blob/whatever-no-sql with name reference in relational database (if needed).

If files are 'hot data' (frequently used) - you can consider keeping some of them directly in relational database or any-fast-access-memory-solution with some automated process for coping old and not used documents to folder/blob

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