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Removing Migrations With Knex.js In My Node.js Application

I am trying to get knex working in my node.js application. I was following a tutorial and at some point created a table but could not repeat the process. I removed the table and deleted all the migrations folders. At tis point I started over but after creating a new migration and then running

knex migrate:latest
I get an error saying the migration directory is corrupt because the original migration I had is missing.

I was under the impression that if the file is missing it should not know it was ever there.

What is the proper way to remove a migration from my project?


development: {
client: 'pg',
connection: {
host: '',
user: 'postgres',
password: 'password',
database: 'myDatabase'
pool: {
min: 10,
max: 20
migrations: {
directory: __dirname + '/db/migrations'
seeds: {
directory: __dirname + '/db/seeds/development'


var config = require('../knexfile.js');
var env = 'development';
var knex = require('knex')(config[env]);

module.exports = knex;
console.log('Getting knex');
console.log('Applying migration...');

Running this gives error,

knex migrate:latest

Using environment: development
Error: The migration directory is corrupt, the following files are missing: 20161110130954_auth_level.js

but this migration does not exist because I deleted it.

Answer Source

You had to rollback a migration (knex migrate:rollback) before deleting the file, I guess what you can do is:

touch [full_path_to_migrations_here]/migrations/20161110130954_auth_level.js

knex migrate:rollback

rm [full_path_to_migrations_here]/migrations/20161110130954_auth_level.js

Reference here https://github.com/tgriesser/knex/issues/1569

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