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Python Question

store values in python without dictionary

I have with me two values like p and q where p is an integer and q is a string.
I need a data structure to store such values as

in python and the structure should be like I have to sort it in the future and print out first n elements.

I have tried
but after sorting I couldn't display the first n elements as the
is an unordered list.

I won't be changing the values in the future.

Answer Source

You can use a 2d array. I am assuming the p and q are list with the same length. have a look to the code below.

p = [1,5,7,3,5,7,45,23]
q = ['one', 'five', 'seven', 'three', 'five', 'seven', 'forty five', 'twenty three']

array = [[ 0  for x in range(2)] for y in range(len(p))]

for index, val in enumerate(p):
  array[index][0]  = val
  array[index][1] = q[index]

print "first five to display:"
for i in range(5):
  print str(array[i][0]) + " - " + array[i][1]

print "sorted array by the integer"
for val in sorted(array):
 print str(val[0]) + " - " + val[1]
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