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Java Question

Dumping a java object's properties

Is there a library that will recursively dump/print an objects properties? I'm looking for something similar to the console.dir() function in Firebug.

I'm aware of the commons-lang ReflectionToStringBuilder but it does not recurse into an object. I.e., if I run the following:

public class ToString {

public static void main(String [] args) {
System.out.println(ReflectionToStringBuilder.toString(new Outer(), ToStringStyle.MULTI_LINE_STYLE));

private static class Outer {
private int intValue = 5;
private Inner innerValue = new Inner();

private static class Inner {
private String stringValue = "foo";

I receive:



I realize that in my example, I could have overriden the toString() method for Inner but in the real world, I'm dealing with external objects that I can't modify.

Answer Source

You could try XStream.

XStream xstream = new XStream(new Sun14ReflectionProvider(
  new FieldDictionary(new ImmutableFieldKeySorter())),
  new DomDriver("utf-8"));
System.out.println(xstream.toXML(new Outer()));

prints out:


You could also output in JSON

And be careful of circular references ;)

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