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Iterate through a range of dates in NodeJS

I would like to iterate through a range of calender dates, each iteration is +1 day. I would use something built around JodaTime in Java - is there something similar in NodeJS?

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You can use moment.js in a node.js application.

npm install moment

Then you can very easily do this:

var moment = require('moment');

var a = moment('2013-01-01');
var b = moment('2013-06-01');

for (var m = moment(a); m.isBefore(b); m.add(1, 'days')) {

Hmmm... this looks a lot like the code you already wrote in your own answer. Moment.js is a more popular library has tons of features, but I wonder which one performs better? Perhaps you can test and let us know. :)

But neither of these do as much as JodaTime. For that, you need a library that implements the TZDB in JavaScript. I list some of those here.

Also, watch out for problems with JavaScript dates in general. This affects NodeJS as well.

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