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CSS Question

Change background of the modal before the delay

I use this

material modal pop-up
( ) on my website, it works perfectly fine but I need one modification. As you can see in the snippet, once the button is clicked there is a delay of 400ms and after that modal content shows up. The background of the modal content also changes after the defined delay of 400ms. What I want is that background color should change
immediately once the button is clicked
and the modal content should load normally after 400ms.

class controls the background of the modal. It's set to transparent in the snippet. Kindly suppose it to be any solid color like black.

I don't have any experience in JAVA SCRIPT.

Answer Source

here is a modified pen of the changes you want.

The thing is you want to show the modal instantly but hide the content for a while

                // reveal the modal content

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