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MySQL Question

How to add Varchar checkbox values in MySql?

I'm trying to add Varchar values from checkbox to mysql and it adding string "1" in the checked checkboxes. How I can make it to add Varchar values like below?

if (isset($_POST['dr_add'])) {
$lightv = isset($_POST['l_vehicle']);
$van = isset($_POST['van']);
$truck = isset($_POST['truck']);
$trailer = isset($_POST['tr_trailer']);
mysql_query("INSERT INTO driving(user_id, country,l_vehicle,van, truck , tr_trailer) VALUES('$user->employeeid','$lightv','$van','$truck','$trailer')") or die(mysql_error());
<input type="checkbox" name="l_vehicle" value="Light Vehicle"/>Light Vehicle
<input type="checkbox" name="van" value="Van">Van
<input type="checkbox" name="truck" value="Truck"/>Truck
<input type="checkbox" name="tr_trailer" value="Truck&Trailer"/>Truck&Trailer

Answer Source

You are using $trailer = isset($_POST['tr_trailer']); and it is wrong :

User below code :

 $trailer = isset($_POST['tr_trailer'])?$_POST['tr_trailer']:"";

Use this for all checkboxes

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