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ASP.NET (C#) Question

NodaTime get Country Time based on CountryCode

I've a requirement where Admin will select some

countries List
Time for Alert
for users for that Countries List.

Lets Say the Admin selects
24/07/2014 09:00 AM
in the Countries
India,Malaysia and Canada
They need to get the Alerts based on
their TimeZone
and every country user need to get the Alert at the
User's Local 9 AM Time

So,I only have their
country Codes
like IN,MY,CA

So,I thought of getting their TimeZones and calculating based on the
Server Time

For Example : My Server is Located in
.So,I thought of calculating the
Time to Alert
based on the
India TimeZone
save the Time in Db
.So my windows service will run at that India Time and push the Alert.

But for this,I need to save multiple records with different times in Db.

So,For getting the
based on the CountryCode, I've used NodaTime

var CountryInfo = (from location in TzdbDateTimeZoneSource.Default.ZoneLocations
where location.CountryCode.Equals(CountryCode,
select new { location.ZoneId, location.CountryName })

I'm getting the
from this Query.

Can we get the
CurrentDate and Time
of the
based on the
Admin's Selected DateTime

Answer Source

Your code is nearly correct - although it can be simplified somewhat, and made more testable, and it should handle the case where there's no such zone...

// You should use dependency injection really - that makes the code much more
// testable. Basically, you want an IClock...
IClock clock = SystemClock.Instance;

var countryCode = "IN";
var location = TzdbDateTimeZoneSource.Default.ZoneLocations
                 .FirstOrDefault(l => l.CountryCode == countryCode);
if (location == null)
    // This is up to you - there's no location with your desired country code.
    var zone = DateTimeZoneProviders.Tzdb[location.ZoneId];
    var zonedNow = clock.Now.InZone(zone);
    // Now do what you want with zonedNow... I'd avoid going back into BCL
    // types, myself.

Bear in mind that this assumes there's just one time zone for a country - that's not always the case. Think of the US, where there are lot of time zones...

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