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Subset based on variable column name

I'm wondering how to use the

function if I don't know the name of the column I want to test. The scenario is this: I have a Shiny app where the user can pick a variable on which to filter (subset) the data table. I receive the column name from the webapp as input, and I want to subset based on the value of that column, like so:

subset(myData, THECOLUMN == someValue)

Except where both
are variables. Is there a syntax for passing the desired column name as a string?

Seems to want a bareword that is the column name, not a variable that holds the column name.

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This is precisely why subset is a bad tool for anything other than interactive use:

d <- data.frame(x = letters[1:5],y = runif(5))
> d[d[,'x'] == 'c',]
  x         y
3 c 0.3080524

Fundamentally, extracting things in R is built around [. Use it.