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Create XML via PHP & MySQL (for use by action script 2)

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Get MySQL database output via PHP to XML

I have some tables in MySQL.... Can I use PHP to create a .xml file on my website that will neatly contain the information from my MySQL database?

On a side note if I am retrieving xml information in action script 2.0 do I HAVE to retrieve it from a .xml file or can I have a .php file that creates an open and close tag on the page and then creates an xml table on the .php page?

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you can create XML in PHP and you can save it as file or echo as XML string , you can use below sample codes

        $xml = new DOMDocument('1.0', 'iso-8859-1');

        $rootNode = $xml->createElement('xmlrootnode');
        $rootNode = $xml->appendChild($rootNode);

        foreach( $resultArr as $r )  {

            $sDateArr = explode( ' ', $r['start_time'] );
            $sRootN = $xml->createElement('date');
            $sRootN = $rootNode->appendChild($sRootN);
            $sRootN->setAttribute('value', $sDateArr[0]);

            //Id field
            $idN = $xml->createElement('id');
            $idN = $sRootN->appendChild($idN);

            $idT = $xml->createTextNode(htmlentities($r['id']));
        //header('Content-type: text/xml');
        //echo $xmlStr = $xml->saveXML();
        $xmlStr = isset($xml) ? htmlspecialchars($xml->saveXML()) : '';
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