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Regexp for CSS image urls

I have a bunch of CSS containing image urls that I want to find/replace. The CSS often has more than one url per line, and the urls can vary pretty widely:

.class{display:inline;} .stuff{background:green url(/dir/subdir/dir.with.dots/image.png)} a{color:blue;} .more-stuff{background:url("../updir/newdir/file_image-new.jpg") no-repeat;}

I want to make each url into
without the rest of the path.

The closest I have come is


but the
will select the CSS between image urls. If I add a
to the end of that section, I end up only replacing the first directory level.

Can I do this without look(ahead|behind)s? I don't know if the regex engine supports them.

Other examples I see seem to have the convenience of predictable line termination, with only one url per line.

Answer Source

How about:

Find what: url\s*\("?/?(?:[^/]+/)*?([^/]+\.(?:png|gif|jpe?g))"?\)
Replace with: url(../images/$1)

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