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Storing gene expression data in MySQL -- junction tables needed?

I have several m x n matrices of gene expression data that I want to store in MySQL.

m is approx 30,000 genes (uniquely identifiable)

n is approx 3,000 samples (mostly uniquely identifiable)

I'm not sure what the best way is to store these data. I initially read the matrices directly into MySQL tables, but I have since been told that this is not a great way to do things, since the number of columns (samples) is a variable quantity. I cannot transpose the matrices and store them that way because there are more genes than MySQL allows for when creating columns.

I've since been told that 'junction tables' might represent a better way to do this. After watching several YouTube videos on these, however, I'm none the wiser. I've also searched Google and there doesn't seem to be a tutorial on storing gene expression data in MySQL using junction tables. So, does anyone have any advice on how best to store these data? I honestly expected that there would be a huge literature on this, so if you have useful links that would also be much appreciated.

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You need just a few tables for this, I am using mysql syntax:

`gene_name` varchar(99) not null

CREATE TABLE samples (
`sample_name` varchar(99) not null

CREATE TABLE gene_sample (
`gene_id` INT NOT NULL,
`sample_id` INT NOT NULL,
FOREIGN KEY(`gene_id`) REFERENCES genes (`gene_id`),
FOREIGN KEY(`sample_id`) REFERENCES sample (`sample_id`),

For every gene that occurs in a sample, insert the pair of gene_id and sample_id into the gene_sample table.

Use two JOIN expressions in a SELECT to reconstruct the full data:

SELECT genes.*, samples.* 
FROM gene_sample 
LEFT JOIN genes USING (gene_id) 
LEFT JOIN samples USING (sample_id);
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