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How to handle an AsyncTask during Screen Rotation?

I read a lot on how to save my instance state or how to deal with my activity getting destroyed during screen rotation.

There seem to be a lot of possibilities but I haven't figured out which one works best for retrieving results of an AsyncTask.

I have some AsyncTasks that are simply started again and call the

method of the activity and if the activity is finishing they wont update anything.

The problem is that I have one Task that does a request to a web service that can fail or succeed and restarting the task would result in a financial loss for the user.

How would you solve this? What are the advantages or disadvantages of the possible solutions?

Answer Source

My first suggestion would be to make sure you actually need your activity to be reset on a screen rotation (the default behavior). Every time I've had issues with rotation I've added this attribute to my <activity> tag in the AndroidManifest.xml, and been just fine.


It looks weird, but what it does it hand off to your onConfigurationChanged() method, if you don't supply one it just does nothing other than re-measure the layout, which seems to be a perfectly adequate way of handling the rotate most of the time.

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