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Javascript Question

TypeError: .val is not a function

I have the following code, where I am selecting all matching elements that start with the same name, excluding one I do not want included in the group.

var myInputBoxes= $('input[id ^= "SubjectText"]').not('#SubjectTextNew');
for (i = 0 ; i < myInputBoxes.length; i++){
var SubjectId = myInputBoxes[i].id.replace('SubjectText', '');
var Subject = myInputBoxes[i].val();

This gives me the following error in firefox

TypeError: myInputBoxes[i].val is not a function

Why would it fail on the val function?

Answer Source

Accessing a jQuery object using bracket notation returns a DOMElement which does not have the val() function. If you want to retrieve an element by its index within a matched set you need to use eq():

var Subject = myInputBoxes.eq(i).val();

Alternatively you can retain the DOMElement and use the value property:

var Subject = myInputBoxes[i].value;
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