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Throw away local commits in git

Due to some bad cherry-picking, my local git repository is currently 5 commits ahead of the origin, and not in a good state. I want to get rid of all these commits and start over again.

Obviously, deleting my working directory and re-cloning would do it, but downloading everything from github again seems like overkill, and not a good use of my time.


git revert
is what I need, but I don't want to end up 10 commits ahead of the origin (or even 6), even if it does get the code itself back to the right state. I just want to pretend the last half-hour never happened.

Is there a simple command that will do this? It seems like an obvious use case, but I'm not finding any examples of it.

Answer Source

If your excess commits are only visible to you, you can just do git reset --hard origin/<branch_name> to move back to where the origin is.

Doing a git revert makes new commits to remove old commits in a way that keeps everyone's history sane.

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