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How to display video one after another from Database in HTML5

I have a video table which contains (more than one) id and video_path. I want to play video one after another from the database using PHP in HTML5. note that I keep only video path in the table.

I am trying


while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($controller)) {
$id = $row['id'];
$url = $row['video_path'];
$vdo = $_POST[$url];


<video id="custom_video_play" width="400" controls="controls" src="$vdo" autoplay="autoplay" loop>

my database query is working properly. I want to fix the code error only to watch video in web page.
if someone please help!
Thanks in advance

Answer Source

You can recursively call a play function which checks if the current video has ended, if it has it will get the next src path in your array.

    // Get the video of the element
    var video = $('#your_video_elem');
    var video_array; // get your array of video paths
    var n = 0;

         // Check if DOM is ready, if so play the first video.

    function play_video() {
        if(video.get(0).ended) {
            video.attr('src', video_array[n]);
            play_video();    // call recursively to get the next video

The play_video method is called recursively only one the current video has ended, it loops through your array of video paths and updates the src of your video tag each time