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Semantics navigation NAV vs ASIDE

Can someone help me with this decision?
As far I know you put your main navigation in nav but for some reason I see everyone putting their navigation in aside if it's at the left side of their website. (cms thing or it's how it should be done?)
I have check-in, Check-out and "book now" in header.
Navigation of website I have in nav element at the left side. (see picture below)

What is the correct way?

enter image description here

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This is what I would do:

The red box would be the aside and inside of that, the blue box, would be the nav.

enter image description here

Here's a good blog post that covers the semantics of these tags. It comes down to your layout. An aside is normally a small column that sites next to the main content of the layout. A nav will be any list of links that serves the purpose of navigating. I usually think of aside as a larger container and a nav as just a listing of links. This is all very much semantics and very opinion based.