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What to do with "library-debug.aar" & "library-release.aar"?

I exported the project from Eclipse. Then built the project. There were 4 folders.
There were 4 folders

Then from the documentation and Google, I realized that I need to do something with the aar files. But how to build an APK I do not understand!

Please explain what I need to do to build APK!

What to do with these files to build the APK.

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You can import your library-release.aar as a module :

Go into File->New->New module : choose import new .AAR package

enter image description here

Then point to your library-release.aar.

After that go into :

File -> Project Structure -> app -> Dependencies -> press the bottom "+" -> choose module dependency and choose your library

enter image description here

You should have a compile project('library-release') added to your main build.gradle.

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