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UTF8 encoding using RMySQL

I am trying to query data from a mysql database, which contains some strings, of course. For the connection and data retrieval I am using RMySQL in R, which works fine. Apart from one thing: the strings I am retrieving seem not to be in utf8. But I need this, because I have some german "Umlaute" in these strings.
When I ask teh databse, which are its encoding by

dbGetQuery(db, "SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'character_set_%';")

I get the desired answer:

Variable_name Value
1 character_set_client utf8
2 character_set_connection utf8
3 character_set_database utf8
4 character_set_filesystem binary
5 character_set_results utf8
6 character_set_server utf8
7 character_set_system utf8
8 character_sets_dir C:\\Program Files\\MySQL\\MySQL Server 5.7\\share\\charsets\\

But e.g. I receive

Andreas Wünsche

instead of

Andreas Wünsche

Hope that somebody knows how to deal with it. If additonal information is needed, just ask. I can provide it.

Answer Source

I find something a bit tricky but works for me :

you have to manually define the col of your data frame to utf-8 like this :

x <- "Wünsche"
Encoding(x) <- "UTF-8"
[1] "Wünsche"

Think you have to do this to all your strings vector

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