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Perl Question

How to create $var from $str with regexp using Perl

I have

$str = "dfsdfsdfsd fdsdfs ifdasda id=322dasd-ewwedasda"

and wrote a regex


I need to get the result

$string = "id=322dasd-ewwedasda"

Answer Source
my $str = 'dfsdfsdfsd fdsdfs ifdasda id=322dasd-ewwedasda';
my ($string) = $str =~ /\b(id=\w.+)/;

$string will be undef if there's no match. You can also die if there's no match using the following:

my ($string) = $str =~ /\b(id=\w.+)/
    or die("No match!");

Though \w.+ is a very strange pattern to use. Perhaps you wanted \w+?

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