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AngularJS Question

How do I increase modal width in Angular UI Bootstrap?

I am creating a modal:

var modal = ${
templateUrl: "/partials/welcome",
controller: "welcomeCtrl",
backdrop: "static",
scope: $scope,

is there a way to increase its width?

Answer Source

I use a css class like so to target the modal-dialog class:

.app-modal-window .modal-dialog {
  width: 500px;

Then in the controller calling the modal window, set the windowClass:

    $scope.modalButtonClick = function () {
        var modalInstance = ${
            templateUrl: 'App/Views/modalView.html',
            controller: 'modalController',
            windowClass: 'app-modal-window'
            function (result) {
                var a = result;
            function (result) {
                var a = result;
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