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How to configure android map sdk v2 to use different keys for production and development?

I want to automatically set different android map api V2 keys for development and production.

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Log in to Google APIs Console Under "Simple API Access" click "Edit Allowed Android apps..." on the right side Enter one SHA-1 fingerprint per line like the instructions say:

"One SHA1 certificate fingerprint and package name (separated by a semicolon) per line. Example: 45:B5:E4:6F:36:AD:0A:98:94:B4:02:66:2B:12:17:F2:56:26:A0:E0;com.example 45:B6:E4:6F:36:AD:1A:98:94:B4:02:66:2B:12:17:F1:56:26:A0:E0;com.example"

Now, just use the same "Simple API key" and it'll work for your debug and publish certificate without having to change anything.

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