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Java Question

eclipse > java > open linked resources sources (.java instead of .class )?

I have 2 projects, A and B

project B have in his build path > libraries the class folder of A (eclipse also recognized that there is a "Source attachment" and added it.

Both A and B are in the same workspace.

When I ctrl+click into a function of project A referenced into a file of B eclipse open the

file of A. But if I need to edit the
version of that file I must manually look for the filename in project A and open it from project explorer.

There isn't an easyer way to go from a linked resource to ->
file of his source? or to go from
in easyer way than manually expand folders and open the file?

thank you,

Answer Source

You can use Ctrl+Shift+T to open a search Dialog.

But you should add B as a dependent project of A (and remove it from the classpath).

enter image description here

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