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Where is Android Studio's Default SDK location on Windows?

I'm using Genymotion to run emulators on my Windows 7 PC. When I click "run app" in Android Studio, the Genymotion's emulator does not show up. From other stack questions I discovered one fix for this problem is:

" Reason : Problem occurs because Genymotion is shipped with outdated Android tools.

Solution : To solve this, follow the following steps.

open Genymotion app,
go to Settings -> ADB
select 'Use custom Android SDK tools'
and select location of your SDK.

On Mac with recent version of Studio that would be:
/Users/username/Library/Android/sdk/ "

My question is: Where are Windows' Android Studio SDKs typically held, and what click path would I use to find where Android Studio SDK is held on a PC?

Thanks in advance!

Answer Source

I guess it placed in


by default.

Keep in mind AppData folder could be hiden.

Also you can check 'sdk' location in

File > Settings > Appereance & Behaviour > System Settings > Android SDK

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