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CSS Question

pointer events on click but not on scroll

Is it possible to allow click but not scroll events?

pointer-events: none;

Will disable both types of inputs, I would like to disable only scroll. Any other ideas for workarounds?

Answer Source

Do it with javascript:

function noScroll(event) {
    event = event || window.event;
    if (event.preventDefault) {
    event.returnValue = false;
    return false;

// disable scolling on the whole window:
if (!window.addEventListener) {
    // old IE only
    window.attachEvent("onscroll", noScroll);
} else {
    // Firefox only
    window.addEventListener("DOMMouseScroll", noScroll);
    // anything else
    window.addEventListener("scroll", noScroll);

// disable scrolling on a single element:
var el = document.getElementById("elementID");

if (!el.addEventListener) {
    el.attachEvent("onscroll", noScroll);
} else {
    el.addEventListener("DOMMouseScroll", noScroll);
    el.addEventListener("scroll", noScroll);

That should do the trick.

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