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Cannot resolve symbol abc_ic_search_api_mtrl_alpha

So in my project I was using standard material search icon in action bar.

xmlns:app="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res-auto" >
app:actionViewClass="android.support.v7.widget.SearchView" /> </menu>

But if I update libreries from 23.0.1 to 24.1.1 Android Studio says:

Cannot resolve symbol abc_ic_search_api_mtrl_alpha

Why is that? I searched in google but didn't find answer.

Answer Source

I've found an similar issue on StackOverflow: error: cannot find symbol variable abc_ic_ab_back_mtrl_am_alpha

The answer for topic above is:

The name of the resource was changed in the 23.2.0 support library.

Modify abc_ic_ab_back_mtrl_am_alpha to abc_ic_ab_back_material

Edit: In 23.2.1 the name of the component was changed back to abc_ic_ab_back_mtrl_am_alpha

Edit: In 24.0.0 the name of the component was changed to: abc_ic_ab_back_material

All you need to do is to change name abc_ic_search_api_mtrl_alpha to abc_ic_ab_search_material

It should work

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