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Python 3.5 SFTP file transfer

I would like to use paramiko for SFTP file transfer in Python 3.5. I know that paramiko depends on PyCrypto and have read about PyCrypto installation problems in Python 3.5. Although I have seen a number of questions regarding this topic, I have not found a solution to successful SFTP file transfer in Python 3.5.

My first question: is it possible to use Python 3.5 for SFTP file transfer? If so, will paramiko work? If the above will work, why I am I receiving the following errors when attempting to install PyCrypto?

error: [WinError 2] The system canot find the file specified
**Failed building wheel for pycrypto**

My second question: if paramiko will not work with Python 3.5, are there any alternatives or must I revert back to a previous python version for SFTP file transfer?

Answer Source

The solution was to install Python 3.5.1 on my Linux server and then pip install paramiko from there. I'm still not sure why PyCrypto cannot be installed in Python 3.5 for Windows but this was the only solution I was able to find.

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