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How to have jQueryUI dialog box dynamically load content

I love jQueryUI's dialog boxes. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to dynamically load content built-in. I guess I have to use some other approach to achieve this? Will iframes load content only when they're made visible? Is that the right way to do this?

I'm open to other dialog box mechanisms if they're more suited for loading the content only when they're first opened.

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This isn't hard to do -- I wouldn't start messing with iframes for this alone. How about something like this?

$( ".selector" ).dialog({
   open: function(event, ui) {
     $('#divInDialog').load('test.html', function() {
       alert('Load was performed.');

Basically, you create your dialog, and when it is opened, an html file is loaded from your server, replacing the contents of your <div id="divInDialog"></div>, which should be inside your dialog <div class="selector"/>.

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