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Importing file of same file and function name in python

-- Country
-- test_file.py -> test_file(function)
-- State
-- test_file.py -> i want to run this file

I have to run the test_file in State which is the present working directory. I have to import the function test_file from test_file in country.

Using the path

import sys
from test_file import *

print test_file()

When i run the file. It says role_name function not found.
It is not able to find the function.
But if i change the name of the file in Country from test_file to some other name, Its working fine.
I am thinking this problem has to do with some kind of ambiguousness.

I need to have the same name for both files.
Is there another way out for this problem?

Answer Source

Replace sys.path.append('../Country') by sys.path.insert(0, '../Country')

Since you append your Country module at the end of the path, test_file.py in current working directory (State) will take precedence. Inserting at the beginning of the path should solve that. Also do not use import * but import role_path, this way the import directive will fail if the required object is not found, instead of silently continuing and letting errors trigger later.

But it would be a lot cleaner to just import your function this way, if Country is a proper module (with an __init__.py or not depending on the Python version):

from ..Country.test_file import role_path
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