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Android Studio 2.0 Waiting for debugger

After updating to Android Studio 2.0 my debugger stopped working. When I try to run my app as debug I get stuck waiting for debugger. I can still run app normally.

So there are tons of post on this issue, I've tried everything I could find:

  • Restart ADB

  • Restart Android Studio

  • Restart phone

  • Restart Computer

  • Switch USB port

  • Update everything

  • Switch develop on/off

  • Tried with emulator (will also be stuck)

  • Uninstal Vyzor beta (Chrome plugin that use ADB)

  • Remove project and load into Android Studio again

  • Updated JDK 1.7.0_71 to 1.8.0_74

Answer Source

Okay so my application was using android:process=":background" under the application tag. So now with Android Studio 2.0 I had to click "Attach debugger to Android Process" and select the :background process.

This has not been an issue in the past.

If a single activity uses another process then the debugger will also hang at that activity until the debugger is attached to that process (attaching is done manually).

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