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How do I use a trained Matlab Neural Network to Python for detection purpose

I have trained a Neural Network using a Matlab Neural Network Toolbox, particularly using the command nntool. The detection is basically for traffic sign and I have used a database of 90 traffic images(no-entry,no right and stop signs), each of 30 images of size 8*8 pixels of which no-entry signs are taken positive. My input is 64*90 and target as 1*90. Now, I need to use this neural network in Python for real-time recognition. What parameters do I need? I am completely new to neural networking.Here's the link to an image Here's my link to the weights

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First you need to take the weights of your neural network. An example:

[x,t] = simplefit_dataset;
net = feedforwardnet(20);
net = train(net,x,t);
wb = getwb(net)

Then I also suggest that you read on ANN structure, this will help you understand how the output of a neural network is calculated, given the weights. Then you can adapt it to your own needs and using that calculate an output in Python.

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