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Python Question

Project Euler #22 - why is my total off by 324536?

I'm trying to do problem #22 in python and my answer is off. I've gone through the list and tried certain names and they've been calculated correctly (I think).

Can anyone help??


Using names.txt (right click and 'Save Link/Target As...'), a 46K text
file containing over five-thousand first names, begin by sorting it
into alphabetical order. Then working out the alphabetical value for
each name, multiply this value by its alphabetical position in the
list to obtain a name score.

For example, when the list is sorted into alphabetical order, COLIN,
which is worth 3 + 15 + 12 + 9 + 14 = 53, is the 938th name in the
list. So, COLIN would obtain a score of 938 × 53 = 49714.

What is the total of all the name scores in the file?

def letter_sum(word):
total = 0
for letter in word:
total += ord(letter) - ord('A') + 1
return total

def namescore(name, count):
name_sum = letter_sum(name)
return count * name_sum

def main():
names = []
f = open('p022_names.txt', 'r')
string =

total = 0
names = sorted(string.replace('"', '').split(','))
for i in range(len(names)):
total += namescore(names[i], i)

print total

Answer Source

Your indexing is off by one. 'COLIN' is at index 937 on 0 based indexing but the assignment uses 1 based indexing. You could fix the issue by changing your code a bit:

total += namescore(names[i], i + 1)
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