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Elegant way to get the count of months between two dates?

Let's assume i have two dates in variables, like

$date1 = "2009-09-01";
$date2 = "2010-05-01";

I need to get the count of months between
$date2 >= $date1
). I.e. i need to get

Is there a way to get it by using date function, or i have to explode my strings and do some calculations?

Thanks much

Answer Source

For PHP >= 5.3

$d1 = new DateTime("2009-09-01");
$d2 = new DateTime("2010-05-01");

var_dump($d1->diff($d2)->m); // int(4)
var_dump($d1->diff($d2)->m + ($d1->diff($d2)->y*12)); // int(8)

DateTime::diff returns a DateInterval object

If you don't run with PHP 5.3 or higher, I guess you'll have to use unix timestamps :

$d1 = "2009-09-01";
$d2 = "2010-05-01";

echo (int)abs((strtotime($d1) - strtotime($d2))/(60*60*24*30)); // 8

But it's not very precise (there isn't always 30 days per month).

Last thing : if those dates come from your database, then use your DBMS to do this job, not PHP.

Edit: This code should be more precise if you can't use DateTime::diff or your RDBMS :

$d1 = strtotime("2009-09-01");
$d2 = strtotime("2010-05-01");
$min_date = min($d1, $d2);
$max_date = max($d1, $d2);
$i = 0;

while (($min_date = strtotime("+1 MONTH", $min_date)) <= $max_date) {
echo $i; // 8
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