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Integrating github imageshack SDK with Android Studio

I am newbie for Github and Android. I want to use imageshack sdk. but I don't know how to use. There is no dependencies like this:

dependencies {
compile 'com.imageshack:1.0.3'

Also, their getting started guide is for Eclipse not for Android Studio.
So, sometimes integrating can be serious problem for me.
How can I integrate this SDK with my Android Studio?

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Download imageshack SDK. Then you can try this method.

  1. Open project structure in AndroidStudio and press '+' in top left corner("New module").
  2. Import Eclipse ADT Project
  3. Choose folder with ImageShackSDK, set name to module
  4. Click next and finish
  5. Sync gradle
  6. Go again into projectStructure and select app module
  7. Select dependecies tab
  8. Click add("+" in right top corner) module dependency
  9. Choose module and sync gradle again
  10. Now u can try to use lib