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Magento CLI install: in table "core_resource" column "data_version" remains null, why?

i try to install Magento 1.5.1 via cli.

As far as i can see all database tables are created with relevant content, but in table

i can see the
comming from sql dir (mysql4-data-upgrade... files) is missing. At all rows in
the column
is null. Why?

CLI is called according to the instructions here:

after installation do not help.

I can fix this by do a login to the backend SYSTEM / CACHE MANAGEMENT and refreshing of CacheType=CONFIGURATION. But how to do that via cli?


The installer never calles the applyAllDataUpdates() to make the installation complete. Install.php trusts that the magento downloader was used before, which does a call to applyAllDataUpdates().

But in my case i did not use the magento downloader, because i installed a magento instance from a local git repository (for buildserver, dev machine, etc.) via my own ant script. I gussed that the cli install is independend from the downloader (by design) - but here a "hidden" dependency is discovered. Running cli installer alone, setup the extensions without upgrading "data_version".

Normally you can trust in the first http call to the magento frontend / backend, which calls the applyAllDUpdates() and applyAllDataUpdates() if there is a error with the config (in cache), but in this case the cache was created successfull (extension config) by the installer - so no applyAllDataUpdates() is triggered.

I am running unit tests, integration tests and function tests (in that chain) after a build of magento (without using the downloader). I get strange behaviours if "data_version" is not poluted. My solution is to add:


to the bootstrap of my unit tests.