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Listing directory on a server using php

I need to list a set directories on server using a php script that is also on the server. Here is my folder structure on the server: (ftp)


and this is the code that is written in listDirectory.php (I need to know what are the sub-directories of /public_html/stickers/ and how many file exist in each of those sub-directory) I know i can hard-code it but i need a dynamic approach as the files will change a lot.

$directory = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/stickers/';
echo "<p>$directory</p>";

$sticker_directories = array(scandir($directory));

echo "<p>Number of subdirs at $directory :". count($sticker_directorie) . "</p>";

foreach ($sticker_directories as $dir){
$working_dir = $directory.$dir;
echo "<p>$working_dir</p>";
if (is_dir($working_dir)){

echo "<p>$working_dir" . count(scandir($working_dir)) . "</p>";

and this is the output:


Number of subdirs at /home/u826063014/public_html/stickers/ :0


Which is not the result i was expecting. what am i doing wrong?

(I'm totally new to all this)

Answer Source

First of all scandir already returns array. There's no need to use array.

$sticker_directories = scandir($directory);

// `scandir` returns both files and subdirs. So, this string is not true
echo "<p>Number of subdirs at $directory :". count($sticker_directories) . "</p>";
//                                                                    ^ s missed

After that all should be fine.

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