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Java Question

Regex to validate words do not contain numbers or special characters

I am developing a java app, running on android. I am trying to pick all words which do not contain any embedded digits or symbols.

The best I have come up with is:


Test Data:

this is a test , an0ther gr8 WW##ee one, w1n 1test test1 end

This results in picking the following:
this, is, a, test, WW##ee, one, end

I need to eliminate the
from the results.

Answer Source

You shouldn't use a word boundary meta-character \b since it matches the position right after WW which sees a hash # character. This position is a word boundary itself. So you should pick up a different way:


Using character class intersection feature of Java's regex you are able to define punctuation characters that are allowed to follow or precede a word character. Here it is a comma ,.

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