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How to investigate a difference of behaviour between internet explorer and a .NET WebControl browser to connect to a facebook flash game

The context:
- I have on one hand internet explorer executing successfully a flash game on facebook.
- On the other hand I am working on a product which embeds a windows .NET webcontrol browser.
The registry feature control keys of IE and the ones of my product have been set to be identical.
edit: (I am not working on the flash game but on the embedded browser)

The problem:
The expected behavior would be that the embedded browser would run the flash game as well as IE.
However in the facts, the embedded browser is not loading the facebook flash game totally: what should be the game content stays a black screen instead of loading.

From here, I have no idea where to start my investigation and how to investigate. I would like to compare what happens in both case to know what are the cause of the difference of behaviours, however I don't know if it is a cookie problem, or some authorization refused, or some cache not filled.

Would someone have some advice to know where to start?

Answer Source

Being totally unable to investigate this error, I have just wandered the internet until I could find someone else who had the same problem, and indeed someone did:

There is a workaround to my own bug -which is in fact an adobe flash bug-: to remove manually the cached ".swf" (, see the "solution" section.

There is also an answer of how to investigate that kind of specific problem in the troubleshooting section:

  1. use the developper tools included in internet explorer.
  2. use a debugging tool as fiddler and investigate traces.
  3. isolate the webbrowser code in the application to the strict minimum
  4. try settings on the trusted zone for crossdomain

Thanks to Johanst for his former investigation (7 years ago) if he ever reads these lines.

adobe record: (http)

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