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Javascript Question

Download a div in a HTML page as pdf using javascript

I have a content div with the id as "content". In the content div I have some graphs and some tables. I want to download that div as a pdf when user click on download button. Is there a way to do that using javascript or jQuery?

Answer Source

You can do it using jsPDF


Sample usage:


<div id="content">
     <h3>Hello, this is a H3 tag</h3>

    <p>a pararaph</p>
<div id="editor"></div>
<button id="cmd">generate PDF</button>


var doc = new jsPDF();
var specialElementHandlers = {
    '#editor': function (element, renderer) {
        return true;

$('#cmd').click(function () {
    doc.fromHTML($('#content').html(), 15, 15, {
        'width': 170,
            'elementHandlers': specialElementHandlers


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