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Javascript Question

Match multiple patterns in same line

I have something like

var string = "<h1>Hi {{name|there}}</h1>
<p>This is a message<br>
<p>Hello hello</p>"

I want to find all {{...}} tags and replace it with the first attribute (left-hand side of |) with a corresponding value. If that value doesn't exist, I want to replace the tag with the 'fallback' on the right-hand side (in this case the string 'there')

So far I've tried something like below, but it doesn't get the groups


Any ideas?

Answer Source

You could do something like that:

var string = "<h1>Hi {{name|there}}</h1> <p>This is a message<br></p><p>Hello hello</p>";

// If the variable exists
console.log(parse(string, {name: "Tony"}));

// If the variable is not set
console.log(parse(string, {potato: "Tony"}));

function parse(str, values){
  str = str.replace(/\{\{(.*)\|(.*)\}\}/g,function(arg, match1, match2){
    var data = match1.split("|");
    var variable = match1;
    var fallback = match2;
    var replace = fallback;

    if(typeof(values[variable]) != "undefined"){
      replace = values[variable];
    return replace;
  return str;

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