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Round up a CGFloat in Swift

How can I round up a CGFloat in Swift?
I've tried

but that only works on iPad Air & iPhone 5S.

When running on another simulated device I get an error saying
'NSNumber' is not a subtype of 'CGFloat'

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Update: Apple have now defined some CGFloat-specific versions of common functions like ceil:

func ceil(x: CGFloat) -> CGFloat

...specifically to cope with the 32/64-bit difference. If you simply use ceil with a CGFloat argument it should now work on all architectures.

My original answer:

This is pretty horrible, I think, but can anyone think of a better way? #if doesn't seem to work for CGFLOAT_IS_DOUBLE; I think you're limited to build configurations, from what I can see in the documentation for conditional compilation.

var x = CGFloat(0.5)

#if arch(x86_64) || arch(arm64)
var test = ceil(x)
var test = ceilf(x)
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