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dynamic latex code in a matplotlib title

I am working on dynamic plots on jupyter with matplotlib, which means in a for loop each different cycle provides a different plot as in the example below

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
import time
import matplotlib as mpl
mpl.rcParams['lines.linewidth'] = 2
%matplotlib notebook

x = np.arange(-10, 10, 0.01)

fig = plt.figure(figsize = (12, 7))
ax = fig.add_subplot(111)
for j in range(1,5):
ax.set_title(r"%6.2f $y = \frac{\sin{(\pi x j)}}{(\pi x j)}$" % j)
y = np.sin( np.pi*x*j )/( np.pi*x*j )
line, = ax.plot(x, y, 'b')
if j != 4:

The line "ax.set_title" provides the title which has both a constant latex code and a number that changes over the time. My issue is that I can change a number in the title out of the latex code but I really don't know how to change a piece INSIDE the latex code.

In the previous example, for each different loop, I would like not only a different plot but also a title with a different latex code which provides a different result as reported here

enter image description here

Is there anyone who can suggest me anything about it?

Answer Source

It makes sense to use the format notation.
Then you need to escape all curly brackets that need to be part of the MathText string.

plt.title(r"$y = \frac{{\sin{{({j}\pi)}}}}{{({j}\pi)}}$".format(j=3.14159265359))

enter image description here

To format the numbers in the format notation, you can define the number of decimal places ({j:.3f}) or use the general number format ({j:g}).

plt.title(r"$y = \frac{{\sin{{({j:.3f}\pi)}}}}{{({j:g}\pi)}}$".format(j=3.14159265359))

enter image description here

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