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Make multiple async HTTP requests with a single callback in C#

I have a simple C# app which must send one

request to many servers and get a response from each of them on button click. Also I need it to perform some operations after all servers responded. So, I can use
class with async operations and count total responses number in every callback. But maybe there's a special library for advanced callback flow control, like
in JavaScript for example?

Answer Source

You can call HttpWebRequest.GetResponseAsync to obtain Task<WebResponse>. Then call Task.WhenAll to get another task, which ends when all other tasks end. To wait synchronously for all tasks, use Task.WaitAll.


async void StartRequests()
    // start requests
    var responseTasks = requests
        r => HttpWebRequest.GetResponseAsync(r)
            // you can attach continuation to every task
            .ContinueWith(t => ProcessResult(t.Result)))
    // wait for all tasks to finish
    await Task.WhenAll(responseTasks);
    // ...

Useful links: Task Parallel Library, Asynchronous Programming with async and await

Also, I believe, System.Net.Http.HttpClient is a more convenient class for making HTTP calls.

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