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Int is not convertible to T

I have the following protocol

public protocol NumericType {
static func +(lhs: Self, rhs: Self) -> Self
static func addWithOverflow(_ lhs: Self, _ rhs: Self) -> (Self, overflow: Bool)

Also I am extending Int to conforms to it as follows

extension Int : NumericType { }

Then I have a struct with the following definition

struct State<T:NumericType> {

let current : T

init(current : T) {

self.current = current

static func initial() -> State<T> {

return State(current: 0) // Int is not convertible to T

Answer Source

NumericType does not promise that it is ExpressibleByIntegerLiteral, so there's no way to convert 0 (which is assumed to be an Int here) to T. Your protocol needs to provide some .zero that it knows it can initialize with (or it needs to conform to ExpressibleByIntegerLiteral).

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