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Ruby Question

How to sort an array of Integer and OpenStruct objects by a key of one of the OpenStruct Keys

I am just learning Ruby and started working with arrays. I have an array that looks like:

easyStats = [<SampleArray: @id=0, @stats=#<OpenStruct total_sessions_played=244, total_sessions_lost=124>>,
<SampleArray: @id=1, @stats=#<OpenStruct total_sessions_played=204, total_sessions_lost=129>>,
<SampleArray: @id=2, @stats=#<OpenStruct total_sessions_played=2, total_sessions_lost=4>>]

I can sort the array by the id (Integer) attribute as such:


However, what I would like to do is sort the array by a key of the OpenStruct object, I have tried the following options with different errors:


Error: comparison of OpenStruct with OpenStruct failed


Error: no implicit conversion of Symbol into Integer


Error: no implicit conversion of Symbol into Integer

I have seen solutions on how to sort an array of just one OpenStruct object and I think I understand it - How to sort a ruby array by two conditions

Could someone show me how to sort by any key of the OpenStruct object in this example (Array with Integer and OpenStruct objects)?


The sort_by method takes a block and uses the return value of that block as the key to sort by. In your case, you can access that value by doing:

easyStats.sort_by { |i| i.stats.total_sessions_played }

The .sort_by(&:key) code is really just shorthand for .sort_by { |i| i.key }. And you can only use it when the block consists of a single method called on the block argument. You can read more about how and why it works here.